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Soap Pouch ⁕ Organic Cotton

Soap Pouch ⁕ Organic Cotton

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Pair our 100% Organic Cotton pouch with any of our soaps for an enhanced lather and gentle exfoliation. Make camp size bars and soap slivers easier to handle, or use with a full size bar.

Whether you're using it in the shower or on the trail, the built in loop allows you to hang dry your soap between uses, increasing the longevity of your soap.

And the best part - the soap pouch is 100% compostable!

Looking for more lather?
A soap pouch will increase the lather of any of our bars. Achieve huge, abundant suds & a gentle exfoliation from the organic cotton fibers.

Soap slivers getting too small to handle?
Pop them in a soap pouch and get a few extra washes out of them!

Is your bar a little too scrubby?
If you bought a bar that was a little more scrubby than you anticipated, a soap pouch will create a nice barrier between your skin and the exfoliants.

Heading outdoors?
Use a soap pouch for your body bar or as a dishwashing tool. Hang it up to dry on a tree or on your bag, and you're ready to hit the trail again. 

This pouch is a two-in-one functional gift wrap! Pop the soap inside and hand out as favors or stocking stuffers.

Directions for use
 ⁕ Machine wash & dry before use.
 ⁕ Fill the pouch with soap, lather & use to gently exfoliate your body.
 ⁕ Hang to dry using the cotton loop.
 ⁕ Machine wash & dry regularly.
 ⁕ Compost when it has reached the end of its life cycle.

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